Friends, in this article today, we will talk about what is green screen and how do USE do it?
Whenever it comes to animation,
USE  green screen to do it. Green screen is a green cloth which is done for some animation in the video.

How To Use Green Screen


Friends, I will tell you how you can use green screen in your video, for this, if you use a kinemaster apps, then inside it you have to go to the chroma key and you will have to put a video inside the chroma key. You have to insert a video with green screen inside it, 

Then you have made a video and the background behind it is green screen means that the whole green is seen behind and there is a guy or something in front of this video you have to go Then you have to put your main video inside the chroma key, then you have to put a green screen video in front of it, then you have to use the chroma key and the green screen will disappear, then the person or thing next to that will be seen. 

You can set it according to yourself, then you will use the green screen so that the animation in your video will look good, you can also use the green screen that you have taken a background of your own and then you have done it by using chroma Removed the green screen, you will feel like you are in the sea.

How To Use Green Screen In Video

Friends, if you do not like to read, then I have given you a video above, by looking at which you can learn how to use chroma key and how to remove green skin in your video or use it in your video too. You can learn this video by clicking on the video above. If you encounter any problem in the video, then you can tell me by going to the comment box.

Best Green Screen Videos | Download Free for Memes or Animation

Friends, I have given you a video above, you can download that video which has a lot of green screen or you can also use some video by recording it with a screen recorder, there is a lot of mimes and animations inside the video above which You can use your video and make the video good. 

green screen

Your video has a comedy video inside it and Mimes video which will make your video look great and will bring a comedy type because a lot of people try to download and don't Pate I have told you whenever you want a video, use the screen recorder to start recording and play the video you want, then you can use the video that you have, you can project it anywhere. My recipe is what I do inside my video.

What Is Chroma Key ?

Friends, if some people are asked what is chroma key, then they can not tell, then I tell you that the chroma key has a green screen and the chroma key is the same means that you can use your green skin or You can say that Chroma key has a green screen.

Friends, if you like my article, you can tell me in the comment box and if you have any problem related to the green screen, you can tell me in the comment box.

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