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Hello friends, my name is Deepak and I have created this blog so that everyone can come here and learn some new things. I made this blog specifically for children as I posted on this blog related to drawings and arts.


Post that helps children make their drawings. If I talk about what drawing I can make, I will say in the beginning that I make a cartoonist drawing and I know how to do a Photoshop Corel draw project and my posts are also at the top of the cartoon like That I will tell you how I make Shinchan life story,Doraemon's life story in Chhota Bheem's drawing, Little Singham and other cartoons. They started and how cartoons were made when they were made and sometimes I put up some technology related post to help you because there are a lot of posts that are not in Google, so I put those posts in my blog Why did So that it helps you, if you ever come here and read anything, tell me in the comment box how you got here and what you felt inside this block so that I can be happy and do my work well So if I ever make a mistake, I am correcting my mistakes and I will always work, this is my thing, but I have not mentioned anything about myself right now, it was only about the block, so I can Tell about

About Me Who I'm

Friends, now the time has come to tell me about myself, I am not a hero who is speaking like this but what do I like, do you talk like friends, as I said above, my name is Deepak and I am an Indian I am a resident who lives inside Delhi, I have never dreamed big dreams and have dreamed of fulfilling them, but I have made this blog only for my happiness and to help you. If I tell you my address, then I Nand Nagri I live in the city and I am 21 years old, within 2020 and if I tell my height, there is no sorrow, 6 feet height is mine, which is too much for normal human beings.

How I Made This Blog

Friends, the time has come for me to tell you how I started the blog. My journey is about 1 day to make this block. Me and my friend were roaming in the park when the other friend's call comes and he says that I am getting free to buy a website 

Buy A Domain

asked how much he said ₹ 70. Let's take it, I had 100 rupees at that time. Then I came to know that the website was 100 Rupees called D Tech Arts at that time go cheap on Daddy.com. When I was getting the website, I took it and then went to YouTube and searched how I build blog, what do I do? I found many YouTube channels watching videos.

Then slowly shrugged from them and understood what posts to post. And one day I got a call from a company and they said you have to buy hosting. I said I have no money, then they said no problem, then I searched on YouTube and started making blog and today I am here Come slowly, if I will do some big work then I will update, thank you for reading this about your section, and for coming to my blog, you can say that I feel like you

Thanks For Coming