How Youtube Started | REAL STORY OF YOUTUBE


Friends, in this article today, we are going to talk about an app or something that everyone in the world knows, yes we will talk about Youtube how YouTube was started and when YouTube was made.


Friends, as you know, we upload videos on YouTube and watch videos, but we do not know when YouTube started, so in this article today I will tell you that you know that YouTube is the second one after Google. The platform where most searches are done is yes and YouTube is a text of Google whenever you need something, you type on YouTube and that thing comes in front of you as if you know that food How to cook, you will write food, then you will show many videos so that you can teach cooking.

How Youtube Start

Friends, if I tell you how YouTube got started and who started YouTube, then its answer is three friends started YouTube.

Jawed Karim
Chad Hurley
Steve Chen

Online Earning

According to the media, YouTube was started in 2005 at a party where these friends were making a party and the friend who is named Jawed was in another place and who is his friend, he made a nice video which was very big The one whom they were trying to send to their Jawed friend but that video was not going, then those friends thought that there should be one such website from which we can easily send the video to another. According to media Youtube was started like that.

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According to Jawed, Youtube started in 2004, in which his friend went to an event and some strange incident happened that Jawed need to see, but could not see because there was no stage where the video was made available, he thought we need a website Should be Available all  type of video in this site, according to them YouTube was started.

Youtube Success Story Video

Friends, I have given you a video above in which you have told how YouTube got started and what is YouTube's Journey of YouTube so watch this video because some people do not like to read, then you can watch the video and tell me that How was the video.

How To Make Money From Youtube ?

Friends, we know how YouTube got started, but we do not know how to make money from YouTube, then I will tell you that how to earn money from YouTube, you have to create a YouTube account in which all you need is a mail, then you have your The number will have to be verified on YouTube and then you will have to make a video which you will have to upload to YouTube. If people like the video, then they will subscribe to you and like.

Online Earning

It was a matter of making a video and creating an account, but I will tell you how to make money on your video, you have to use Google Adsense and there are some conditions for that, 

within 1 year you will get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time has to be compiled on YouTube.

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How TO Download Youtube Videos

Friends, some people try to download YouTube videos, but they are unable to do that, for this, I have given you a video above, by seeing which you can learn to download YouTube videos, that too easily download the video.

First Video On Youtube

Friends, the video I gave you is the first video from YouTube which was uploaded in 2005 on YouTube which was uploaded by Javed.

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