Real Story Of Annabelle Doll | True Story Behind Annabelle

Real Story Of Annabelle Doll

Friends, what we are going to talk about today is Annabelle the doll which is this doll, it was a real doll, seeing that she made an Annabelle movie


Inside this doll was a demonic spirit and that's why even today people whenever they take the name of Annabelle, they are curious to know about the story of where this doll came from, what is the story of this doll and where is this doll At this time, in this article today, I will tell you everything when this doll came and what is the secret behind this doll and where is this doll at this time.

Annabelle Doll Real Story Video

If I were to tell you what the real story of Annabelle was, I would tell you that it was a time when two girls and a boy who were friends of those girls were going to hang out somewhere and they found a doll. So he brings that doll to his house and from the same day an accident starts inside his house and whenever he comes inside the house, he sees the doll move from its place to another place. For this reason, they have set up cameras inside their house to see if the doll moves in real or someone else walks the doll, so they see that the doll moves on its own, 


So they call a occultist who catches ghosts For and then they saw her, they said that there is a demonic spirit inside this doll and she took that doll and went with it and that doll is currently with her in her own museum.

Warren Occult Museum

Warren Occult Museum

Friends, we are going to tell you about the people who kept Annabelle and many ghostly things in her museum from her work. These are the people who helped people get rid of the demonic spirit and also Annabelle with those items in the museum. He has defeated many ghosts with his work and you saw him in the movie Annabelle movie in which he caught Annabelle And took her with him, when she was not there, they had suffered a lot in their house too. He finds out that Annabelle is a very powerful apparition, so he makes a glass case to imprison Annabelle, but if she had glass, the case would have started at home as well.

Annabelle Movie

annabelle movie

Friends, there is a doll inside the movie of Annabelle, so if I tell you the story of it, some people lived in the village with their family, then they were happy that they had a daughter named Annabelle, then she went by the road. They were somewhere when a carriage comes, their daughter walks towards the road and that car kills that daughter, then they are very upset, then they try to bring their daughter back using magic, but she Did not know that instead of their daughter, a demonic spirit comes to disturb their family by using his body, then he stays with him but one day his mother is cooking, then she sees a devil inside the glass of that glass. When looking inside, she realizes that the soul is not of her daughter, she is a devil who has come to haunt them, 


Then at the same time they called the ghost catchers and imprisoned her and some children come inside the room to stay. And that ghost gets freed, then you will know the rest of the story only by watching the movie, then I can not tell you if you liked this blog So go and comment in the comment and tell that you have seen the movie, how is the movie you like.

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