The Story Of CarryMinati 0 To 20 Million+ Youtube Journey

Life Story Of CarryMinati 0 To 20 Million Plus Subscribe On Youtube Journey

Hello friends, today in this article, I will tell you about a person who started his life by making some videos on YouTube Whose people like to do the same as he used to do to the brothers every day while playing the game, but today his name has been known all over the world because people from different parts of the list heard and reacted to his videos. 


At least 5 years from today, but first of all, you have to mention his name, he is Ajay Nagar, he has a YouTube channel named Cariminati, opposite the mythological name of this channel Sunny Deol, Carrie Deol On this channel, they roast others playing games, but those who subscribe from the beginning on the channel still like its videos. Carryminaiti is 20 years old at this time.

CarryMinati Life Story Video

He has made his name famous worldwide through YouTube, but he started on the YouTube channel with a roasting channel in which he keeps playing games and entertains people, but then later he gets videos daily on the channel He used to watch and this started the turning point of his life but this is just the beginning, yet to move forward, he released a video on his YouTube channel.

Youtube Vs Tiktok

This video was called YouTube Vs Tiktok This video broke many records of the world, this video was going to be the world's most like video, it broke all the records of India, whether it is music or a individual creator. This video had 10 million likes on this video and when it comes to views, it was the 75 million views on this video.


I want to tell you one thing, this video was about to beat the most liked video of the YouTube channel named Mr. Beast, but there was an accident which caused the video to be deleted from YouTube because you know that there are many in his video type of abuses and he took the challenge from a very big company called Tiktok, due to which his video was deleted from YouTube, if that video were there then it would have broken all the records in the music video and She becomes number one video on YouTube.

After Carryminati Video Delete Carryminati Reaction 

When he uploaded this video, his subscribers on his YouTube channel were only 10 point 9 million which is no less, but when he released the video, within 2 days of that, he got 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more Within days he made 18 million plus subscribers again on his channel and became India's largest individual creator at number three But it was very sad when the video was deleted, he had not even played the game for several days because he has a channel called Gaming called Carry is Life in which he plays gaming videos especially vegetable and other games. 

We played in it, we are entertained because it is right here to entertain the people, so they did not even play for a long time, but I said that something was going to happen, a new song of Roast was going to come. Whose name was Yalgaar to come, so let's see.

Carryminati Yalgaar Song

The song of the Yalgaar has been released, after which only the most subscribers of India have been made on YouTube. India has broken a lot of records, this song has 30 million Views at the moment and if you talk about it, it is 5 million plus likes.

It is just a matter of their YouTube, you know that there are two Youtube channels, one in which they roast and the other channel in which they are gaming, they are just 21 years old and they have won so much that anyone can do it. Can roast

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