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How To Draw Little Singham Drawing By Step by Step

Little Singham

Hello friends, in this article today, I will tell you how you can make a great drawing while sitting at home or using some cheap pencils, that too which has become or become the most viewed cartoon of India. You will have to search the net about this, I can not tell it, but we will show how you can make a simple drawing in some easy ways. By step how you can make a good and better and a beautiful drawing.

Step First Draw Outlines

First Step Draw OutLines

Yes friends, in the first step you have to make outlines first so that your drawing will look very good and if your outline is not good then your drawing will never be good, so first of all you have to listen to the drawing outline now. Open a turn that you will need to make into a complete drawing.

Step Two Draw Interlines

Non Color Drawing

Friends now the second step has come and in this step you will have to make things inside your drawing such as nose hair face and the rest of the body, after this you have to do the main step of the Those who were your outlines, you have to wish them with the first step and then the inter lines that you made later, you have to complete them and your doing will be completed without color and the second step is complete, now I will tell you the third step. Then see below.

Step Third Fill Color Into Drawing

Little Singham Color Drawing

Come on guys, our 3-step, in which we have made colors inside our drawing, our colors will not show without color and will not look beautiful, which is not a good thing, then we want to paint inside you, for this you use painting color You can do it if you know how to make it or if you are a mom color and if you are a child, then I tell you that you can use the mom color in your drawing.

Little Singham Drawing Video

Hello friends, if you are unable to make a drawing, then you can make a drawing by watching the video, that is also very good, as I have given you a video in which I have made a drawing of Little Singham, I used Coreldraw in this drawing. But if you want, you can also make a drawing using paper and pencil, I can only color you in the drawing and how you can make outlines are shown in this video, then you watch this video and start your drawing. Introduce Singham by drawing a best drawing.

I know that not all drawing is easy, but if you try, one day you can make the difficult drawing that is easy, but first you have to start a bad drawing, which is a small drawing like He will make the drawing of the cartoon, you can make it again later and you will look absolutely real.

All About Little Singham


Friends, we have made the drawing, so now we will talk about Little Singham how he became so famous inside India that today every child of India sees this cartoon and is happy that it started with the first Singham movie. Which was liked by the people, then later the kids wanted a hero who is in the form of a policeman, then Rohit Shetty launched a cartoon called Little Singham

Little Singham

Little Singham started in the original Singham movie was in Little Singham cartoon. In this cartoon, there is a child who is a policeman and that child protects the children from different monster, sometimes he does with the Joker, sometimes he does with the demons, but he has the same purpose that the mother He has children, he should be safe and keep playing this cartoon also. There is a child in Little Singer who goes to school but he does not back down from his responsibility and he also does police work. It also helps everyone if you are good. If you have felt, go and tell me in the comment box and if you find something lacking in this article, still you comment me You can tell by going in the box, thank you for reading this article and meet you with some exciting things in tomorrow.

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