World Most Famous Painting or Drawing | Mona Lisa Painting


Friends, today we will talk about the world's most famous painting Mona lisa, we know that this painting is the most famous painting in the world and every person knows but do we know why this painting was made and what was the secret behind it. So today we will do the same thing, the cost of this painting is 100 million US dollars,

Which is very expensive for any painting but when this painting was busy, at that time this painting was the number one painting and the institution made this painting in 1962 Ronaldo Vinci.

He has made a lot of paintings and the most expensive painting of this time was also made by him, whose name was Mundi, this painting was shown to Jesus and what we talk about which comes above Mona lisa made this painting.


It took Ronaldo 3 years to build the interiors between 1500 and 1506 that he used to take a lot of time and that's why it seemed like he was coming out of the pending picture and talking to us, that's why his price It was also very much, most people say that he met Alien, that's why his pain There are some secrets in This Painting.


The British have tried a lot to remove the curtain from above and many experiments have been done on his painting to find out how he used to make such a painting which was absolutely and his What was the purpose made and what did he eat? This has been the highest in the world. $ 650 is worth more for any painting, so far no one has been expensive at this time.

This painting is currently kept inside the museum. It seems whenever we see this photo because everyone does not have this pending nor can they go to see if the painting is looking at us. Something inside this painting This is the secret that was tried to tell us, we see this painting by Ronaldo Vinci when its eyes look like we are seeing this painting has been tried many times but no one is possible It has been found that its name is oil painting, which always thinks about it in the world, it is too heavy to blond hands or hair and back and background also see why it is special.


If we talk about the other paintings of  Ronaldo Vinci, then there is something in them that makes the other painters different, they have all their paintings, they try to tell us something. They are often experimented with by machines over their paintings to let us know if that painting looks real. Did they talk to Emo about their secrets and hide them on the TV show.


Ronaldo Vinci created the world's most expensive drawing. His name is Ronaldo Di Vinci. He is the person who was famous by the name of his paintings in the world. Talk about it, it will fall short because all of their drawings are famous worldwide and are very expensive, 


which have been sold very expensive, there are some millions in millions, crores and some pending, it is such that it is not ever That every time we look at his paint, it is kept in the museum, we wonder how he would have made this painting, did he talk to an alien and all the paintings that he has, look exactly like that We are watching and we are watching them and they go out and talk to us and we think this every time when we see the painting of Ronaldo, have they hidden something inside their pendings, the people ahead and for generations All scientists of reason paint these so that they know what Ronaldo has to say. Wanted

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