The World's Most Expensive Paintings List And Their Prices

Friends, today we will talk about the world's most expensive paintings and about their artists, who were those angles and why they made this painting, what was their purpose?



The painting on the number one is named Salvator Mundi and it was made by Leonardo da Vinci who made the painting of Mona Lisa and it was worth 460 Million dollars and it was bought by a person from Dubai, it became the world's most expensive painting. Stuck and this is the painting of Jesus who is God, a lot of scientists say why did he make this painting. Did he meet Aliens but say anything, this painting looks real like Mona Lisa's painting and it Panting was sold in New York and the name of the buyer is Badr bin Abdullah Al Saud who lives in Dubai and this painting went on November 15, 2017.



The second number that is named Panting is Interchange, Willem de Kooning and it is worth 300 Million dollars and it was made and sold in painting in 1955 and on September 2015 and the name of the person who bought this painting was Kenneth C. Griffin and it was a private cell this house was sold by Family members, not in any ocstion and I did not find the photo of this drawing online as it was Colors' street  Lines and its photo is not on Wikipedia.
How is the picture below its Drawing-



The drawing which is on the third number or can also be called Pending, you can give me the name of the card player and this drawing was made by Paul C├ęzanne and I made it in eighteen hundred times and what was the sale in April 2011, which was the state of the queue name was bought, it seems that as if a state happened but it is the name of the boy or the name of the person who bought it and the person who sold it, and it cost two and a half Million dollars and this is also a private cell, inside the stone or else inside the painting, two people are playing cards

The photo of this drawing is given below.

Cards Players

4. Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?)

Now the fourth number which is the painting inside our list is Nafea Faa Lpoipo when you will Mary and the person who made it is 8 its name is Call and the drawing that was made was made in 1812 and this drawing was sold in September 2014. Inside and the name of the buyer is that of the state of Qatar who bought the second number drawing and also a private selfie, the price of this painting is $ 210 million and inside this drawing another woman is standing behind a woman whatever it is giving different expression that something goes that Prada is expression and it is created inside fields.

When You marry Me


The fifth number or last painting you have left is its name, number 17 is at number five in our list and its number is also true and no one has seen this doing, yet whose photo is not available with us. Inside Wikipedia or online, we will show you how-to photos that look like him and the artist Jackson Pollock his name was Jackson, created this drawing in 1948 and was seen in September 2015 at a price of $ 200 Million Dollars.

Number 17A

If you find any problem in my list then you can tell me by commenting and you think why Monalisa's painting is not in this list, then let me tell you that Monalisa's painting was done only for hundred million dollars thank you Comment to come to my blog and express your opinion.

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