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Oggy And The Cockroaches Drawing

Oggy Drawing

Hello friends, in this article today I will tell you how you can make a nice drawing using simple steps, that too whose own Oggy and his friends like Cockroaches and its brother Jack as you know that a cartoon is famous around the world. Has been or was famous before, we need more details to know about it, which you can see inside other articles, but if we talk about it today, then we will talk today how we can make drawing and its Oggy Let's start it and I will tell you step by step, if you have any problem, then you can ask by commenting in the comment box below, then let's start drawing.

Draw Oggy Drawing by Using Pencils

Non Color Drawing

So friends, now I told you that I had given a little information about who was Oggy, so let's go to how we can make a drawing of Oggy, so you need a pencil in starting, then you have to outlines it and start While doing this you will also need a picture.

Which is that Oggy that you will create your drawing by seeing when your drawing completes, then you will have to make outlines using the marker. When you complete the drawing, you will have to race the lines drawn from your outlines marker. So your step will be complete, then you have to do the same thing in which you have to fill the color in the drawing, which is told in the next step.

Color Oggy Drawing

Oggy Color Drawing

Now that you have made the drawing of Oggy then just now the next time is in which you have to fill the color in the drawing of Oggy, then you know that the color that is happening in Oggy's body is blue and white and red While using the boy, you can make your drawing absolutely colorful so that your drawing looks exactly the number that children like because color drawing is very good for children and when you have done one thing Your drawing will be completed, if you face any problem, then you can ask me by going to the comment box, then at this time your drawing has been made, you have given the video below if you can make a drawing using it.

Oggy And The Cockroaches Drawing Video

Friends, I know that if someone tells you how to make a drawing, then you have difficulty in making it but if you are shown in a video how the drawing is made, then you can easily make a drawing and color it You can also do so, within this video, I have shown you how you can make a drawing of the person using simple type so that your children will like this drawing so start the video and make the drawing too. Start

Friends, if you liked this article of mine and you get any information from this article or knowledge, then you can tell me in the comment box what guidance I gave you or if you find any mistake in my articles. Inside, I should tell the comment inside the box so that I can improve it inside my next article. Thank you for reading this article and for learning drawing.

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