How To Draw Shinchan Drawing For Kids | Shinchan Color Drawing

Shinchan Drawing For Kids
Shinchan Drawing

Hello friends, inside this article today, I will tell you how you can make a good drawing, that too of our dear Shinchen Nohra, before I tell you who Sinchan is, Shinchen is a naughty kid who does a lot Lives bullying and it bothers his mother and father very much, I cannot tell you but mother-father and all his friends love him very much. Chinchan has a sister named Himbari, I will show you a drawing of it some other day. In today's day, I will tell you how you can make a drawing of Shinkhan in some easy ways, that too start coloring.

Using Pencil To Draw Shinchan Drawing

Shinchan Pencil Drawing

So friends, first of all you will need a pencil to make a drawing of Shinchan, then you start making a drawing of Shinchan and you will need one more thing which is called a picture of Shinchan which you see and make a drawing of Shinchan using a pencil. When you are done growing, after that you have to type a next which I have told you below.

Using Marker To Draw Shinchan Drawing

Shinchan Marker Drawing

When you have made a drawing of a Shinchan with a pencil or you can say if you have drawn a Shinchain, then after that you have to draw a marker and draw it over those outlines. The reason for this is if there is a water drop on that painting If there is a drawing made of pencil then it will be erased and if there is a drawing made with a marker, it will last for a long time, which you can maintain and show it to your friends, after that you have to do another step, inside which you will The drawing made with pencil has to be erased, then you will see only the drawing made with a marker which looks very beautiful, after this step I will tell you below.

Color Shinchan Drawing

Shinchan Color Drawing

So when your drawing is complete, it is just your last step, inside which you will have to fill the color inside the drawing as if you know that the T-shirt of your shinchain has red color and its shorts are inside it. If there is yellow color, then start the color, if you use painting color then your drawing will be nice but if you use momi color in your drawing then it is very easy to use it and those children can also use it, so my advice With this, you have to use the mumi color so that your drawing will look like a number, if you have any problem,then you can tell me your problem in the comment section where you have trouble.

Shinchan Drawing Video

Friends, I know that many children can not make drawings, that's why I have given you a video, which you can make a drawing by looking at it, within this drawing too easily, I told you to make a drawing of Shinchan, then you watch this video and the drawing And as I told you that if there is any problem, then you can tell me in the comment box.

Using Corel Draw to Draw Shinchan Drawing

Friends, in the second video I have given you, I have used Court Row to make a drawing of Shinchan which is even more difficult than a pencil drawing, in which you can make or use anything using a lot of tools. To do this, you will need a Coreldraw and a PC, so I have given you this video because you tell me that the drawing looks good or the drawing that is made using the color and you can say Or it is made using pencil.

Friends, if you like my blog, then you go to the comment box and tell me which cartoon you want to draw, then I will show you that in the video and I have given you the gender of the other drawings below, including both inside the article, which you can go click and see.

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