Why INDIA Is the Best or Great Country In The World

Why INDIA Is the Best Country In The World

Friends, today I will talk about a country which is famous in the whole world, whose name is India, it is an ash country, which has been told many times that why is it a native country in this world if I will appreciate it today. It will also take many years, in today's era, the whole world considers India as its ideal.


This country is many years old, this country was not only Asia's largest but a big country, and this country included the first countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal, but it became a separate country with the help of some people because of some people. The thinking was different, that is why the pieces of this country have been broken, which we have been disappointed to this day and as you know that India had only discovered 0, which worked for the world and talk about other countries.


The countries thought of taking possession of India, and the British had done this, that too India was in possession for 200 years because it was the fault of the people of this country that this work was done by the British company in the name of East India Company You held India in possession, they said that in the matter of good job we will give people here, they came into the company and gave their land to them and the whole country went in regret, many people left the country with the British Tried to liberate, but nothing came in his hand except to waste his life
But there was a person named GandhIi ji who liberated this country.


Current India

I know that there are many problems in India due to which there is less education
And people who are old thinking, because of which this country is not progressing, there is a problem that many religious people live in this country, this was the strength of this country earlier, but today it has become the biggest work of this country.

India Old Map

Hey, but India does not always lag behind in helping other countries, that's why it is called India, but all the people of Job India will get good education and will work with religion not with religion, but this country is the most No.1 in the whole world. But it will come as if you know that 90% of Indians work in NASA and whenever there is any difficulty in this world, then only Indians will correct that problem.
I know that some people will not agree with me

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Friends in the video above it is told that why India is great inside this world, so look at the video and tell me how you liked the video and which lesson you liked the best in it.

INDIA Help All The Time

India has things to do but it is ready to help the second quarter every time, which rarely does the second country.

Telling a time, the sari world had turned against Bangladesh at one time and at that time India fought with the whole world and made Bangladesh to be another part of Pakistan and in that it helped Russia if this country would wake up if there was another country. You took this bag of Pakistan to India but India is an ash country which has always been ready to help other country.

That's why I went to see if my birth happens again in India. I love my India.

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