5 Best Most Popular Indian YouTubers

5 Best Most Popular Indian YouTubers

Friends, in this article today, we will talk about 5 most popular Indian youtubers, those 5 Indian youtubers whole world know about him.
So without time pass lets start.


Friends, if any talking about Indian YouTubers so they speek the name of Carryminati because he is Indias no.1 Youtuber, he is not just only Indias no.1 youtuber he is Asia no.1 Youtubers

Some time ago it was not even in the list of top 10 Yutubers of India but a video of at rocked the entire YouTube and it was included in the list of India's largest Youtubers overnight and today it has become the number 1 Yutuber of Asia. 

He put his Youtube video on 10 class and it is not of any big age person he was a child, he was born between 1999-2000 and has earned so much name at such a young age, for this we should take a note from him that we can progress at any age old or small.

Name                      -   Ajay Nagar
Youtube Family      -  26.6 Million
Videos                     -  171


Friends, Now we are going to talk about is that YouTuber is making the best video of India's. At this time, and his name is Ashish Chanchalani and he has just overtaken Amit bhadana to become India's number 2 YouTuber, we are all very proud of this.

And he is making vines typs video so many indian are making vines video but some people is grow like ashish so the reason of this he is on this list a this time.

Name                    - Ashish Chanchlani
Youtube Family    - 22.1 Million
Videos                  - 139


Friends, the name of the Indian YouTuber that you are going to talk about is Amit Bhadana, it was a YouTuber to hit the first 10 million of India, but due to some reasons,now he has fallen behind, now his videos also have less views but Still some people like to watch their videos like I do

He has also composed music videos and has worked with many Bollywood stars in his YouTube videos.

Name                    - Amit Bhadana
Youtube Family    - 21.7 Million
Videos                   - 79


Friends, now the name of YouTube which we are talking about is the name of Gaurav, which we know as the Technical Guru, there are 2 channels on YouTube, which are doing very well and upload this technical video on one channel and blog on one. 

Make your life visible to others, at this time, they work with the most brands and do a lot of earn on YouTube, and it uploads 2 videos of the daily, on the technical guru channel.

Name                   - Gourav Chaudhary
Youtube Family   - 19.8 Million
Videos                  - 3.3k


Friends, the Youtuber we now talk about is called Bhuvan bam and it is very old YouTuber of India and at one time when there was no video made by Indian youtuber at those time Bhuavan bam made Youtube videos.

Bhuvan is making comedy videos and he have a unique thing that he makes diffrents video, in many ways, this is a very good thing about him, so that everyone likes him and he has worked with many of the outsider country  Youtuber as well. He is making his own video by itself and all the character doing by itself of his own video.

Name                    -   Bhuvan Bam
Youtube Family    -  19.7 Million
Videos                  -   168

Friends If you have any problem to my article then you can tell me inside the comment box and thanks for reading this article.
This List is Till November 2020 (Last Update)


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