Real Story Of Phineas And Ferb Cartoon

Real Story Of Phineas And Ferb Cartoon

Friends, in today's article, I will tell you about the cartoon story of Phineas and Ferb, but before that we have to know about some characters who are they ?

Who Is Phineas And Ferb ?

Friends, Phineas and Ferb are two brothers who have a very strong mind in this show and they keep doing very big experiments in this cartoon show.

Who Is Sister of Phineas And Ferb ?

Friends, in this cartoon show, he has a sister whose name is Candace and she thinks that she is highly intelligent.

Who Is Perry The Platypus ?

Friends Phineas and Ferb also have a pet named Parry and he is a water and land living creature and he is also a detective in this cartoon show.

Cartoon Story Of Phines And Ferb

Friends, now that we have come to know about some characters of this cartoon show, now we can start their story.

Friends, it is a matter of one day that some children are coming home from school, then Phineas and Baljit are coming to own house and then they find a platypus on the side of the river and he seen he is hurt, then Phineas takes him home and help him and make him his friends, after that platypus stays at his house.

Many days pass like this, then the school summer vacation starts and Phineas is very sad because now he will not be able to meet his school friends.
And one of the day of holidays, his uncle's boy comes with him to stay with his holiday in the house of Phineas and whose name is Ferb and he does not talk to anyone but he is very intelligent, Phineas and Ferb do not talk to each other for few days.

One day Phineas sees ferb doing something with some machines in the garden and then he asks him what are you doing then he tells that I am making a water tank.

Then they make it together and Phineas also call to other friends, so that all of them together enjoy their summer vacation, then their sister sees them while doing this work, then she goes to tell this thing to her father and mother, But when father & mother come to see at that time Phineas sale that tank to someone.

Then all friends say why don't all go through this summer vacation together and Phineas says why not me and my brother will do some experiments together and make good things to play and make our summer holidays good.

Then it goes for many days while doing this and his sister tries to show him to her father and mother, but something happens, Phineas and Phub are saved from this.

One thing remains that his pet Perry has joined a detective team behind this work and he tries to save the world from Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

Friends, this is what happens in this cartoon show, their home holidays are not over yet and in real life we have become older than children.

The History Of Phineas And Ferb Cartoon

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